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Has anyone else noticed that when they call in an air strike from a jet, that the jet noise effect occurs like a bombing run just happened but no bomb is dropped. Then when I check the jets available load out it show one bomb less. Is this to simulate a dud round? If so I believe the frequency needs to be adjusted. In the last two missions the dud rate is like 40-50%.

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Hmmm, another thing I have noticed (only played CMSF2 with the new patch) is that mortars are very inaccurate now. I don’t remember this being this way pre-patch. This goes for both on board and off. In fact my Canadian 60’s direct line of sight fire is atrocious. 

The on board US 60’s in the WWII games are head and shoulders more accurate at least pre-patch. I have only played CMSF2 patched.

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