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Are Final Blitzkrieg battles smaller, more focused?

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On 8/14/2020 at 10:57 PM, mythtrip said:

I get obsessive about min max details, so huge game throw me. Are Final Blitzkrieg battles smaller and more focused? I have experience with wargames, but have yet to play Battlefront. 

"smaller and more focused" than what? They vary from platoon size up to regiment. I would suggest that you either check out some CMFB videos on yt. Or, you download the demo to give yourself a feel for the game.

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All of the titles have scenarios and individual campaign missions ranging from small to large.  If you're asking the question in relation to a purchasing choice then battle size is not a good metric for choosing one title over another.  You can always knock yourself out with Quick Battles which allow you to pick small battles if that is your preference.

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If you haven’t played any Combat Mission games then it may help to know that there are four types of battles you can have:


1. Premade battles (“scenarios”) that allow you to pick one or any side and have forces pre-selected. You read the conditions, forces available and objectives and attempt to fulfill the latter to win. They can range in size from a few squads to a regiment. 

2. Campaigns - these are an interconnected series of what is mentioned above in 1 with outcomes of each battle determining various things for the upcoming battle.

3. Battles you create using the scenario editor - these are like 1 above, but you are making it. 

4. Quick Battles - these are battles where you can choose the purchase points for each side and then either specifically set all the conditions or let them be random, including map choice. Here you can still set battle size (or let it be random) so once more you can have battles involving a platoon and a few tanks, to something much much bigger, wIth two battalions or more per side. There are a fair number of customization options so that you can decide the experience, morale, equipment supply for each side, etc. This is my favourite mode, I rarely play anything else. Thousands of hours of fun and still haven’t exhausted all the possibilities. 

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