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Very interesting video even for me who lives in the middle of this landscape.
 The modification of the landscape is particularly accelerating in recent years
 Until the 1980s the landscape had changed little. What a battles I have done as a child with my comrades, the clay balls replacing the grenades and the Sten and other Thompson made of wood looked great. The small size of the fields and the labyrinth of sunken lanes were a wonderful playground, but for the war !!
Combat in this environment is close to urban combat but in 2D there is no hight level
Visibility rarely exceeds 30m and with vegetation it is not uncommon to literally step on your opponent to see him.

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Great find @scarletto thanks for sharing.

Growing up with very similar countryside in rural Dorset, in the south of England, I can only echo what Falaise said - a wonderful playground but a horrifying battlefield. I found the presenter’s comments about how many soldiers had some idea of what the bocage would mean on the ground particularly interesting, and can only wonder what those young soldiers thought when they first encountered the bocage.

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