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Africa Palm's by USMC and British Forces

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12 hours ago, GhostRider3/3 said:

I believe B Company 2nd Btn Marines used the Africa palm in 1991.  Brits not sure.  But is anyone willing to create these for ShockForce 2?


2nd Marine Btn  1991.jpg

Yeah I remember seeing a few USMC wagons sporting them.  Not for the Brits though - most of the Brit wagons had their respective versions of the Jerboa, Red for 7 Armoured Brigade (including mine) and Black for 4 Armoured Brigade.

Not the clearest image (taken just north of Kuwait City on Objective Cobalt about an hour after the ceasefire and you can see from the colour of the sky just how bad the oil fires were after Saddam set all the oilfields alight) but here it is:


The Red Jerboa is on the exhaust port above the second road wheel.  I'm the bloke with the woolly hat in the commander's hatch.  And no - even though it looks distinctly otherwise, I had shaved that morning.  I struggle to think that it was nearly 30 years ago.


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On 8/14/2020 at 3:16 PM, GhostRider3/3 said:

Nice.. I cant wait for the modding community to start doing really good things for Shock Force 2.

I found this. Is this what your talking about?




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Am getting a lot of requests for mods and it takes time to locate and send em all individually.  Have already sent Bootie all the mods that (probably) ever existed.  So while he is still getting everything uploaded to CMMODS, I suggest someone set up a Dropbox and I can upload specific desired mods there for everyone to access.

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What I should of ask was a picture of the Palm tree on the Abrams. Here is my attempt:

edit: I just noticed after looking at my screenshot, the palm tree is a tad to big and is on the wrong spot of the tank. Will make the changes to my Abrams.

If needed or wont, I can do the same for the British tanks by adding the Red Jerboa on them

USMC Tank.jpg

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, JohnO said:

Yes, send by email. johnosboratgmail.com

Sent... thanks JohnO.  Would be nice to get more variety of tactical markings for NATO forces. as well as US Forces.  There is a pic above I posted with a Brit AFV with a Palm insignia.

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