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I'm sure some of these ideas have been said many times.

1.Fire ,which can spread with tree,grass,wind. can affecr morale.can kill people. this one existed in CMx1,but lost in CMx2.

2.melee attack

3.random map generate,  I think the reason of  this one lost in CMx2 is the AI PLAN can not random generate, because of the ai plan is more complex than CMx1

4.dynamic weather, 

5.CQB system in the command UI.

perharps one(more) of these hope can be added in engine5.0😝

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to name a few 😎

- consistant map damage
- map templates (cut, paste, rotate, save, load, share)
- auto rubbeling of buildins and auto cratering ( paint an area of the map in the editor simular to setupzones and be able to set the level of destruction from ligth to very heavy and the computer would auto rubble those buildings within that zone. simularely paint an area and set the cratering level as desired.)

- more rubbleoptions for wall and roofs (maybe have something like 3 types of rubbled roofs and rubbled walls to chose from with the toggle button. To get some variety.)

- more fortrification options
- more options with regards to the briefing screen...differnt file types pics, text etc
- factory type buildings and flavoured objects

- more AI groups
- friendly AI groups

- mount option for the AI
- more trigger options
- multioption,  branching triggers
- more options with regards to reinforcements and objectives like timed objectives and unit specific objectives.

- A unitvalue system for objectives and triggers.
- remake of the AI artilery programing interface.
- additional timing options for AI programing
- more options for the campaign scriptfiles with regards to scenario branching and unit rest, reinforcements, resupply
- being able to use different OOBs for different AI plans in the editor.

- load and save units selections for QBs (and editor)
- improved gameperformance
- improved graphics
- scalable UI
- A feature to be able to call in reserves with set delay times
- co-operative multiplayer
- reasign units during the gameplay
- the ability to block units from being able to be shown to the enemy in pre-battle intel
- in-game messages...updated briefing
- improved QB AI gameplay and unit selection


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