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New CM patches and gooned-up unit info ???

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Anyone else experiencing this after installing the new patches?  My CMBN units are displaying either CMBS or CMSF2 unit info, and they say "Luftwaffe" in the weapons window.   Haven't opened my other CM titles yet to see if they are similarly gooned up.





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On 7/18/2020 at 8:20 PM, Jobu88 said:

Problem solved,  the v403.brz file was missing.   

That type of error (unit naming, etc.) is almost always a .brz error. 


It's good practice (so I've been told) to remove all your mods BEFORE patching, then just put them back. (To me, that means just moving my "Z" folder from my Data Folder to my Destop, patching, than putting the Z back into Data. FWIW to others who are reading this.)

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