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CM Final Blitzkrieg v2.03 patch has been released

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16 hours ago, Jambo said:

@BFCElvis The patch link doesn't work for me, I've tried Chrome, Edge and explorer. It comes up with the following message; "The link you are trying to access does not exist."


Cheers :) 

HHHmmm...It was broken and fixed last week and is working for me now. Try clearing your cache and trying it again.

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Another TOE bug, again its SS units using Heer uniforms (vehicle crews this time).

Quick Battle Purchase Screen,

SS Army > Armor Only Tab > Panzer Aufklarung Battalion 44 formation.

If 1 Company Recon Tank is selected you get two options:

>Light tank


If you select halftrack and then select the units in the platoons (SPW250/9s), they are Heer Uniforms (and have Heer uniform options see image below), no SS uniform options can be selected. Also the Company HQ and its kubelwagon has the same options. No bugs occur if you pick the Light Tank option. I also couldn't replicate it in the scenario editor purchase screen, only in Quick Battles.



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