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CM Final Blitzkrieg v2.03 patch has been released

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IMPORTANT: This patch is only for players using Game Engine 4

Here is a direct link:



Patch notes:



* Soldiers are more likely to hold their ground and shelter in place when suppressed in defensible terrain (building, hedgerow, etc), rather than engage in evasive behavior

* Fixed some visual glitches on the M3A1 halftrack and M8 HMC

* FIXED: Soldiers on upper building floors would inappropriately react to suppression from enemy fire
* FIXED: Infantry under fire seek cover in the direction of the fire (further adjustments from last patch)
* FIXED: Incorrect soldier entrance point location on an independent building

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I removed the Vin mod and the odd units went away 

BUT I still have this other odd issue. I am trying to make sign mods for a guy making a Peiper campaign. He sent me a scenario/map.

Anyway, in the modtag section of the editor I see the white text for the modtags he had and wanted to import a new modtag text file but then I seem unable to import. No white text. Nothing there.

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On 8/29/2020 at 12:03 AM, kohlenklau said:

Dang, I am doing something wrong. I had 2.02 and all was well.

Now downloading the patch and failing somewhere as it says down in the corner 2.03 but in the editor I see the odd unit names and such.


Do you have all necessary brz-files in your data-folder? I had the same issue of „weird unit descriptions“ after installing the FI and FB patches. The solution was to just copy the missing brz-files into place.

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I upgraded my CMFB to the latest patch during a PBEM thinking my opponent had upgraded the PBEM to the latest patch. They had not and now the PBEM is unplayable.

Our PBEM has been on halt for almost 2 months as I gathered the energy to do what I believe needs to be done to get the game back on track: that is, to install CMFB and patch it to the previous version (then load PBEM, save in orders phase, patch CMFB to latest version, continue playing).  I am however unsure of exactly how to do that as there seems to be various patch/upgrade/install files.

I did run the file CMFB_v100_Setup.exe sucessfully that at least installs the game to its original release version.  I now just need to patch it to the patch prior to the last (I actually don't know what version that is).  I now have downlaoded the following patch files which are categorised as CMFB Engine 3: 



The CMFB engine 4 patch fiels however just include a single file (CMFB v203 Update PC) that appears would update everything to v203 which is not what I want.

From this position, what other files do I need to download and install to get the game to the version prior to latest patch (i believe it's v202)? I understand the module upgrade needs to be installed at some point durign this process. 

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I installed the latest patch. Where did the Specialist Teams > Forward Observers go for Wehrmacht and SS. They were there before the patch, because they are in missions I've made where I've clearly added them as Specialists and not as a Formation. Also the Fallschirmjager have their specialist FO's and the Americans have theirs too for Inf., Armd Inf. and Armor? This is a problem in QB purchase screen and in Scenario Editor...



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Jace11, I couldn't find them either. I tried setting different dates--it shouldn't matter, and it didn't.  The SS and all but Wehrmacht panzergrenadiers don't have FO's.

@akd@sburke@Combatintman or  @IanL Almost has to be a bug, but since no one else noticed this until now...maybe not for some oddball reason?

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A couple more things about 2.03.

1. CMFB 2.03 and the latest CMBS patch are filling my temp folder with little 2kb files with a prefix of SS_ and the a 4 hex file name. I assume they can be deleted safely (except when the game is running - this is how i identified their origin and I wondered where they were coming from for a while). 3 new ones are created per session. Looks like a small executable or dll. Maybe SoftwareShield DRM (SS prefix??) is responsible -just guessing. This is new since 2.03 however.

2. There is a new Jagdpanzer IV 70 V (early) model in the 2.03 patch. The reason for this inclusion isn't mentioned in the readme notes. The only reason I'm mentioning it is it includes some new texture errors as well as some old ones. The sparetrack options (on the back of the hull) are now using the wrong texture (the jpz skirt texture is used instead of the correct one), this is a brand new texture bug for this model introduced with 2.03. The sparewheel option is using the wheel texture. It shouldn't, it should be using the hull, there is a spare wheel on bottom left the hull texture for this purpose (this error had been around since the release of CMFB). Also the mudguard options are using the skirt texture and not the hull (again a long term graphics bug).


You can actually see the mudguards and track using the textures from the side skirts in this image.

However it is relatively easy to fix the model, here is what it should look like (I edited a fix of 2.03 model):

The track is from the pziv skirt texture, while the spare wheels and mudguards are from jpz hull. The correct texture names were identified by looking at other jpz models lacking the error.


I confess I've gone back to 2.02 now, I mostly play QB's and the inability to buy cheap observers is a bit of a pain.

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10 hours ago, Jace11 said:

The sparewheel option is using the wheel texture. It shouldn't, it should be using the hull

Good catch.. I remember looking at the wheel and wondering if it was supposed to be an air intake, small observation cupola, some kind of hatch... It's only now that you fixed it that I see it should be a spare wheel.

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