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I think Battlefront.com ought to provide a free download for Flight Commander 2, which they put into the public domain many years ago, along with the last patch and the Mission Builder. I can provide all three, if needed. It's still the best and only modern-day air combat game of its type.

Right now, the game can be downloaded at various "abandonware" sites, which really doesn't do it justice.


In fact, I think a remake is long overdue. 😉

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Omg, that’s a blast from the past. I lost touch with J.D. Webster but years ago when there was a paper version of this I used to do research on aircraft and submit game stats for him. He had a newsletter for the game and it would include additional aircraft and aircraft variants. 

The computer version solved the issue of having to get together with an opponent. The AI was a respectable foe. 

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18 hours ago, JulianJ said:

Is it a military flight sim like IL-2 or a tactical wargame?

It’s not a flight simulator. It’s a turn based tactical air combat game. One would think it might be hard to make flight on a turn by turn basis fun but it actually was fun, challenging and detailed.

It was the computer version of JDW’s Air Superiority board game. 


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Hi ... thanks for the reminder of a game from that era. But would a developer spend the time to compete with the Command product line? A beer and pretzels Command with email play or even online head to head real time might work. Perhaps throw in Tacview for a 3D effect. Might just be marketable. Keep it simple, abstract and very playable vs a buddy. Unlike Command. 

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