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Roadsign Request for Rollbahn D

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If anyone of the brilliant modders has anytime to help me out, it would be much appreciated. 

I'm building a campaign Rollbahn D. I've six battles designed and tested atm. The plan is to take it thru at least to Targnon, maybe thru to the 24th.

Leaving Lanzerath -Fallshirmjagers

Minen the Gap -Spitze / Losheim

Breakthrough -Bucholz/Honsfeld -Fallshrimjager+

Bull-in-gen China Shop -Spitze+

Butchers of Baugnez -Thirimont/Baugnez/Ligneuville -Spitze+

Stormin Stavelot

One of my issues is around RoadSigns, would love to have accurate signs for roads / restaurants / hotels / Stavelot Cinema for added realism.

If anyone with the tech ability could spare the time?



Firefight at Losheimergraben Bahnhof.jpg

Unit Planner.jpg

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Cheers Fella, work in progress.

I've learnt a lot around the tactical mistakes made on both sides and the mechanics around CM campaign design, enjoying it so far.

I thought I knew about the battle until I started to write info down, build the individual scenarios and organise into a campaign.

I'm going to upload the individual maps later in the year.


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My recollection is that signs are applied randomly, so might not work like you want.  Plus, I don't recall offhand if adding numbers to the textures/bmps will produce multiple distinct signs or not.  I never bothered to mod signs....


But looking forward to the campaign!

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You can modtag the road sign textures. Modtaged texture files need to replace each existing base game file to avoid duplicates. If you still get random assortment just copy to mod tagged texture file and name appropriately to 'cover up' the remaining base game signs.

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I have modded signs and other items for specific scenarios using modtags.

It is very fun and rewarding to see it show up...

It has been years but one trick you can use is the extra "junk" items can be the image and skeleton file, hex edited as well. I guess that is if you needed extra signs.

Good luck

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Hey theforger,

A couple questions...

Will you employ any of what I call "decision battles" in your campaign?

I have used this before and it allows the player to decide between 2 paths or 2 options (maybe force selection or even a random die roll).

It is a simple battle, really a fake uncontested battle that branches the campaign between 2 follow on paths as described in the fake battle briefing.

I remember using a single kubelwagen starting at point A and the briefing said if the player wants Option A, stay in place and the battle ends and branches off 1 way.

Or if he wants Option B, he drives toward the objective and then "wins" the battle and the battle ends but the campaign flows down a different way.

I even had one of these with a die roll, on player's honor, roll a 1 and stay in place, roll 2-6 and drive on. I think the lesser chance of a die roll of 1, added in some special unit, maybe a few Tigers, I forget. Or the weather goes to crap.

When do you expect to upload your campaign?

Good luck with it and I might have time to do some road signs although I don't consider myself a top quality modder. Some samples of my previous sign work are attached.


milestone [africa].bmp milestone3 [hurtgen].bmp

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Hi Kohlenklau

Currently the campaign is linear 🙁. I wanted it to be as historically accurate as I could.  I am thinking about doing a follow up YouTube on this element of the wider battle incorporating this campaign build AAR.

There's a lot of "what ifs" with KG Peiper as there were initially numerous tactical errors on both sides, primarily down to strict instructions to keep driving West and literally the fog of war, so a follow up version 2 would be fairly straight forward and quite interesting. 

As to availability it depends.

I could release a Part 1, covering the period up to the 19th at Targnon over the next few months. I have one more large map to complete covering Neufmoulin. I finished testing Trois Ponts last week. Trois Ponts was a challenging map, viaducts, railway and road bridges in close proximity at different heights, embankments, changes in river elevations between the Salm/Ambleve.

A lot of the subsequent engagements were fought over the same/similar ground as the first part of the campaign, so potentially much less work and a quicker turnaround.

Re modding, I've never attempted it, so that puts you at genius level compared to me, any help would be gratefully received. 


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Sometime this winter I will blow the dust off my limited modding skills and try to do your roadsigns.

Always as winter approaches I get into what I call a Bulge mood.

Please tell me which ones you need and if pointed to the left or to the right or entry into the town sign without an arrow...


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