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Meijel and the peat bogs . 27 / 29 Oct. 1944

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          Hello, everybody,

I am new here, and study sins 10 years WWII in my birthplace, Asten - Meijel.

Specially the German counterattack on 27 Oct. 1944. Meijel.

I saw , Heinrich505  hase made ( created ) the story, of the three days battle......

I am surprised, that he as an American, is so well informed , about the situation, of the battle area, where I am grown up. I am now 77.

I want to ask weather Heinrich505 wants to work with me together, to work out the REAL battle in detail ? For his games ?

I worked out, American after action reports,  from Most of the American and German tanks, I found the crew and their actions .

Thanks of the letters and drawings of Sam Sharp. And Horst Troger. ( German.)  Also Charles Barry inf. 48AIB and more.

I wait for answer.      Regards, Gerard Jeuken from Holland.





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Good Day, Gerard,

   Thank-you for the compliment, but while I have read quite a bit about the battle, I didn't research it like the battle author, @PanzerMike.  You might be getting me confused with him, as I only did a written AAR of my play-through of the battle.  The video AAR done by @Ts4EVER was way better, because you could actually see the action along with his narrative.

   I'd suggest you get in touch with @PanzerMike for your offer of your research to detail the battle further.  I'm not much of a scenario creator.  I prefer to weave stories about the battles that are being played, from the perspective of the pixeltruppen.



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Hi, All, 

I had some delay.

Thank you for the replay and advice.

Thank you Heinrich505,  to  advice contact  PanzerMike.

I see, he is next village of me in Holland. ( we are almost family Ha Ha )

I want to ask PanzerMike to contakt me by mail.  gpjeuken@gmail.com

      Regards,     Gerard from Holland.

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