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See title.

Anyone else got simple advice for new players?

Here's a short list of mine:

  1. Do not get shot at.
  2. Shooting makes you easier to see.
  3. Cover arcs are not magic.
  4. Maybe allow your troops to wait a minute before flogging them onto their objectives.
  5. Don't call in that airstrike. No seriously, don't. It'll hit your own guys.
  6. It doesn't matter how thick your armor is.
  7. You don't assault a position by running straight into it.
  8. Use more ammo, you don't get bonus points for frugality.
  9. Limit your leaders exposure.
  10. Split your squads. Three guys in one action spot are not as vulnerable as six.

Maybe we can make a community contributed list Murphy's Laws of Combat Mission.

At the very least, let's have a fun thread for once.

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37 minutes ago, General Jack Ripper said:

At the very least, let's have a fun thread for once.

That would be kind of nice 😁...

The forum is/ has been (for quite some time) very quiet...the majority of threads seems to be some kind of bug/tweaking threads...

I guess we are running out of things to discuss...most things seems to have been brought up at one time or more before...including this topic.

I like the initiativ though...😎

A few more tips:

- don"t forgett about smoke

- recon is a good thing...get- and try to maintain good Intel on the enemy

- try to maintain C2

- "shooting without moving is a waste of ammo...moving without shooting is a waste of lives"



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Use minimum necessary force to achieve the objective.  (Using too much often results in a target-rich environment for your enemy.)

Don't commit piecemeal.  Generally use 10-20% for the attack with 80%+ in support.

Also, do not reinforce failure.  (If your plan isn't working don't keep sending forces in to die, do something else.)

4 hours ago, General Jack Ripper said:

Use more ammo, you don't get bonus points for frugality.

Caveat: In good campaigns ammo and force conservation is important.  You may very well get points for using less ammo.


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Observe the lay of the land, before making plans

Set your own goals, don't blindly drive/run towards objecives

Make an actual plan how to achieve those goals

 Shoot up enemy positions before assaulting them. 

Attack when rounds are still falling, not when the enemy has had time to regain his posture.

Hide your troops when they come under HE fires and cant retreat.

Use covered arcs and hide for ambushes. You don't have to open fire on sight, pick the ideal range for your ambush.

Separate enemy tanks and infantry asap.

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A few additional. 

Indirect fire Hide in a building, direct fire Hide behind a building.

Pin with MGs.  Kill with HE

What teams/vehicles have overwatch for the moving teams/vehicles.

Disembark at least one terrain feature away from OpFor.

Supporting fire call time is X minutes.  Where am I likely to need supporting fires in X minutes. 

Pay attention to team/vehicle suppression meters. 

What is X Platoon's contingency if it gets hit by indirect fire.  

Maintain C2.

Maintain a reserve. 

Don’t be in a hurry to die.

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Don't ask your troops to do anything you wouldn't do in real life. Would YOU charge across an open field into the teeth of a machine gun? I doubt it.

3/4 of gameplay is the terrain.

Basing your strategy on the assumption that the enemy is going to be blind and slow to react is a losing strategy.

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What about 'don't play the game based on pre-conceived concepts of superiority'?

First go at Gog and Magog in CMRT my King Tiger crews certainly didn't thank me for doing so.  Even on the second attempt the loss of optics was something to behold (pun intended).

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