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CMBS & CMSF2 Unit Compatability

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This is probably a question you get all the time, but if I bought CMBS can I buy the Marines, NATO, and British units from CMSF2 and use them in CMBS since they use the same engine?  It specifically says the Afgan-Soviet game is incompatible.

Also, are there any CM games that have the Arab-Israeli Wars and/or OOB?

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6 minutes ago, IICptMillerII said:

No to both. You cannot import units from one game into another. 

There is not a CM game that covers the Arab/Israeli Wars. Thought I do hope that one day we get one that does. 

Not the answer I was hoping for, but thanks!  Too bad modders can't add completely new units.  I understand some wouldn't work at all since a new game mechanic would have to be added (like MLRS).  But since CMBS is 'theoretical', it would be nice to try out different units (even if modders would have to go to town on them to bring them up to date).

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BFC has their reasons for not allowing hard code modding, such as adding/tweaking the stats of vehicles or TO&E. I tend to agree with their approach and reasoning, but that is a different discussion that's been had a few times before. 

The good news is that Black Sea will be getting a module in the future that will add more equipment and forces to play around with. I think there are a few posts from the devs floating around that outline roughly what is expected to be included, and if I recall correctly it will add the Russian VDV and US Marines and all associated equipment. Plus, the existing US Army and Ukrainian forces in game will likely be fleshed out a bit more. That module is probably a ways off, but its something to look forward to.

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