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Lucky Strike's Mods: Hedgerow Hell

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15 minutes ago, Vacilllator said:

I can't pretend to fully follow your explanation and the mention of a 3D models addendum (I may not have read the full thread as closely as I should).

However, as I hope you already know, I am a huge fan of your work so I say 'release, release, release'. 

If you say 'bung it in your Z folder' I will make it so.

Haha, it will be quite close to 'bung it in your Z folder', though you may have to choose what to bung in there - Sycamore or Oak, or both but not a Plane tree - choices, choices ...

19 minutes ago, Vacilllator said:

Thanks again and looking forward to the bigger, better version of what I'm already using 😉 plus anything else that I'm not.

Oh yes, there'll be plenty that you're not already using. In fact, I will recommend that players remove everything from the earlier versions then do a new install of the mod. It's all seen some updating with many textures getting quite a radical overhaul in the last few months.

23 minutes ago, Vacilllator said:

Oh and as I just got my hands on Fortress Italy can you cast your magic over that as well?  And perhaps Red Thunder?  I don't mean bocage of course but the other flora if appropriate?  Probably a silly thought but what happens if I put Hedgerow Hell into my RT and FI Z folders?  Perhaps nothing, perhaps something which should not happen?

Some of it will work, maybe, some may not. I don't have RT yet, but judging by what is in the demo that won't be too complex to mod. Waiting for FR to get the big bundle (Christmas is coming 🎄). I do have all of FI so can test it in there. It'll definitely change how they look, but much of it won't suite the environments. FI in particular is a massive beast. There are so many different terrains, textures and climates used. Still I guess I've learnt quite a bit over this year that I should be able to apply some of those lessons to making any future mods. I'll work on the rest of the mod for the BN family first though, we need some bits that are specific to the Arnhem battles and the beginnings of Autumn in Western Europe, have to keep @Aragorn2002 happy 😉

Also want to work on the 3D models addendum - this'll hopefully feature, at least, new 3D models for the bocage plus things like trees and bushes, as well as some more new textures - Horse Chestnut tree anyone, gotta love a conker. Of course all of this is dependant on how the 3D modelling goes and time ...

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A little preamble to this taster ...  I grew up in rural Dorset in the south of England where our countryside is not so different than that of Normandy (though the Cider may be a bit stronger!).

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6 minutes ago, Lucky_Strike said:

Horse Chestnut tree anyone, gotta love a conker.

Yes please, I remember having my fingers soundly rapped by hardened conkers.  Ouch!

8 minutes ago, Lucky_Strike said:

Of course all of this is dependant on how the 3D modelling goes and time ...

Please ignore people like me and take your time 😉.  Time is a precious commodity so do what you are able to and take care of all the other things as well.

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