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FO spotting

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I picked up this game a couple days ago. I'm working my way through the tutorial. In the handbook for Italy, it says the FO can call in mortar strikes on a target, which I did. Then it says that I can then call in either another mortar or arty while the original strike is happening. However, when I tried this, the FO is busy spotting the original mortar strike and cannot call in another strike.


Was this changed when the engine moved up to 4, or am I just doing something wrong?

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Grab an FO and a few assets (air, artillery, UAV) and head to the firing range. I don't recall off hand the specifics as I usually just reuse an FO once I know his ongoing 'Firing' mission is about to end as his next mission requires him to spot and/or adjust...

A FIST/FO will handle a UAV along with another single (air/artillery) mission. Both the mission and UAV can be manage independently.

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