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Fortress Italy missing files

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I just bought and downloaded Fortress Italy bundle with Gustav Line and Rome to Victory. After install and entering the authorization code (which said all of the modules were unlocked), I go into the game.


Right on the main menu page, it says I'm missing files:

v110c gustavline.brc




v210c rometovictory.brz

v210e rometovictory.brz


Do I need to redownload the installer?

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What file did you download, was it the 'Full' installer ? Where did you install the game and are these files present there (within the 'Data' subdirectory, if I recall) ? The current 'Full' installer should have all of these files.

When you activated the game, did you see green boxes for the base game, upgrades (3.0 & 4.0) and the modules ? The green boxes at the end of the activation process tell you what is currently activated/'unlocked'. Unfortunately there isn't an utility that tells you outside of the activation process.

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I downloaded the file that was listed in the email from Battlefront. As I said, the activation code said I everything was good to go/unlocked.


If someone from BF sees this, my order number was 336214.

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I'm redownloading. The file says it is the full installer and is 5.47 GB in size. It was the same yesterday. Looking at the file that actually downloaded, it says it's 2.3 GB in size. I have no idea what is going on with this.


Hopefully a new install will solve the issue.

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