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Closest To Air Assault As You Can Get

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Hello there, I currently own both Black Sea and Shockforce 2. I want to play a light infantry/helicopter centric army using the OOB given to us in a quick battle scenario. So whats the closest army formation in this game for an air assault setup? Like what air assets should I bring and how large of a formation is operating on a typical QB battlespace.

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I know nothing about modern military other than what I Google. :P


In Combat Mission's editor I'd purchase a bog standard infantry battalion and dump all the light vehicles, heavy weapons above a 60mm mortar and anything that can't be broken down and carried by single trooper. Not sure about Javelins but that would be a tight squeeze in a Blackhawk.

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No easy answer to this question - what's the mission, ground and enemy for starters? 

If there's a heap of air defence then it will come with a SEAD package which, depending on the depth of the insert will either be air, rocket or tube artillery or a mix of all three.

If it's just going to insert a force to knock over some insurgents in a village then you don't need to bring as much to the party.

The size of the AO will be little or no different to a normal light infantry AO but will again depend on the mission, ground and enemy as starters.

The force pick is easy and what @Ithikial_AU said will get you the closest to an air assault formation although I'd always take my Javs - they fit easily into a CH-47 and I'd certainly take my 81mm mortars if I didn't have air racked and stacked above and/or guns in support.

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