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Attn Sburke, RIP Nidan1, and attn a few others

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Reaaaly sorry if your name wasnt headlined its not a prefential thing.

im generally always poor

Still am but i got a little cash and its legal.

Ironically.. ive never had this much money in my life.  Its a pitiful amnt (less than 10k) to cost of you. I frankly dont kniw what to do with it.  I findbgreat joy in buying my.son and mom.stuff and also buying someone a book and stuff.  But otherwise.. its true its a curse. Maybe if it wqs enough for permanent life of leisure. But all this has done is cause me.to obsess over a balance. Smh.

Nidan bless him.. is gone.  Sburke youve gifted me stuff. What would you like?

I shall be trawling thru my order history (also if someone at bfc is bored and wants to tell.me wat was gifted)

I want to.settle.accounts.

Also im not rich but in honor of nidan I want community input (privately pls) on newcomer most likely to.stick arnd and most into the series. I will gift them a game of their choice.. as long as they choose a cm game

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I'd say put whatever you wanted to give here into saving account for your son (for education etc, things like that). Add as much in it as you can I'd say. Not that I want to tell you what to do, but I would personally think that is the wisest and probably most well spend. 

This can help reduce the balance to levels that don't need your obsession 😉

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newcomers are free to plead their case

i dont want some idiotic fawning or talk of generosity, I want you to tell me you grew up obsessed with x battle or why you will be playing whatever cm game after im dead. please  - it brings me joy to help others as I have been helped so very much in my life.

just pm me, no one need know anything about this, nor is there any need  for embarrasment. im shocked no one has messaged me asking,

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