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Question about Luftwaffe Infantry

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8 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

Alex just a reminder it is "English" not english. In the meantime what the **** does "Eiweh" mean?

You sounds like my english-teacher decades ago¬†ūüôā


"Eiweh": I think you can roughly translate it with "Oh dear!" or "Oh my gosh!" (but both with a little pain) or (if I can believe the transalte side Leo): "Alack (??? never heard this one???)"


To the textures: I asume, then these textures are leftovers from someone's experiments...


Greetings, Alex

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10 hours ago, waffelmann said:

Ah...there I can help¬†ūüôā.


I remember, that in the creation process respectivly at the end someone said (maybe @ChrisND?), that the cavalry should be implemtend with a different texture.

The change didn't managed to get in. It was hoped that it get in maybe later but I think it is forgotten...


Greetings, alex


Hopefully they're implemented in Fire and Rubble!

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  • 6 months later...

Bringing a bit of an old topic back to life here:

I have been messing around with the new RT:FR for a few hours trying to get the [fielddivision] tagged skins to show up in QBs. They do not. I loaded a battle with every month, in every region, and they didn't come up.

For ease of identification I tagged EZ's LW Field Division skins with the [fielddivision] tag and left the smod_german_lw_camo / smod_german_lw_m43 files unmodded so therefore EZ's fine skins would show up if [fielddivision] was ever activated.

I made a super quick test custom scenario, adding the [fielddivision] mod tag and that worked. So it is clearly the same thing the infamous Soviet [cavalry] tag.

What I don't get about this tag is that the tagged skins are identical to the untagged versions...

I don't know how feasible this would be, but a radical fix for Battlefront to implement would actually be eliminating the [fielddivision] tag all together and replacing it with something like [LW panzergrenadier] which all the HG skins would be tagged with, and the skins that are currently [fielddivision] could be deleted since they are the same as untagged lw_camo & lw_M43 skins anyways... That way the options would be "mixed camo" (lw_camo_soldier) and "standard" (lw_m43_soldier) for Field Division troops featuring green collar dogs, LW camo smocks, plus mix of LW field blue / heer field grey tunics and "LW panzergrenadier" would be HG Div troops with white collar dogs, and skins with other camos (Italian/SS + some LW) like DougPhresh showed in his post.

Something that I will be implementing in my games is that when I want to play Luftwaffe PzGr: in my mod folder I'll just manually switch the smod_german_lw_m43 uniforms with EZ's HG uniforms and select "standard" appearance in the QB editor. Otherwise I'll just be keeping EZ's field division skins as the default in my mod folder. I might also create the tag [LW pzgr] if I find any campaigns/battles (other than Conrath's Counterattack) that feature the HG Division and manually adjust those...

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