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Loading time tests with AMD GPU

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So I did a little test because when I switched to an AMD GPU recently I discovered that the time it takes to load a game significantly worsened (with CM titles).

I have discovered that of the game options texture quality has an effect on that. And only that. Model quality, shader, multisampling etc. does not have an effect on this.

All times are given as m:ss, from a cold start (I have quit completely CM before starting the next test).

Test hardware: Ryzen 3600X + 5700XT + 32GB DDR4 RAM  + Kingston HyperX Savage SSD


CMFI: Beyond the Belice scenario (tiny) loading times in accordance with the 3D texture qualities:

Fastest: 0:14

Faster: 0:19

Fast: 0:29

Balanced: 0:46

Improved: 2:16

Better: 2:17

Best: 2:18

CMFI: Hot Mustard scenario (huge)

Fastest: 0:46

Faster: 0:50

Fast: 1:01

Balanced: 1:12

Improved: 2:28

Better: 2:31

Best: 2:31


You may wonder whats the difference in picture quality. Test shots for each setting are here in QHD resolution:


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19 hours ago, Bufo said:


CMFI: Beyond the Belice

Balanced: 10s / GPU MEM: 1057MB

Best: 32s / GPU MEM: 1399MB

CMFI: Hot Mustard

Balanced: 30s / GPU MEM: 1044MB

Best: 44s / GPU MEM: 1379MB

When I had an AMD card - I left AA off in game and it further improved response by 20%. AMD does not support OpenGL all that well.

My video card isn't all that impressive.


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1 hour ago, Howler said:

AMD does not support OpenGL all that well.

Yeah I heard that before and it is true. But. Sometimes I play War Thunder under Linux with max settings. It runs under opengl. I get a very smooth gameplay with 50fps on average (is capped at 60 with opengl anyway) on incomparably higher graphics. Also the load times are the same like with an nvidia card.

So yes, it partly because of AMD, but mostly because of *something* (I would rather not say) else.

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1 hour ago, Bufo said:

So yes, it partly because of AMD, but mostly because of *something* (I would rather not say) else.

It's mostly AMD's buggy OpenGL implementation. CMx2 series is 10-12 years old and based on OpenGL. It's not going to VULKAN anytime soon. So, we play the cards we are dealt.

This is the first NVidia card I have ever owned in 35+ years of PC gaming. I couldn't justify a current generation AMD card given to notoriously bad drivers at launch. And, given that I no longer dual-boot to Windows to play CM; I didn't care about the Linux support. I have other work stations for serious work...

You may want to set triple-buffering if that setting is still available in the AMD driver.

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Not to drag up an older thread, I didn't see a need in rehashing things.  Did you ever figure out optimal settings for AMD cards?  I recently picked up a 5700xt, and CM is giving me issues.  I noticed the long load times right off the bat, but it will also freeze and CTD after 30 secs or so.  I disabled everything in the forced settings in adrenaline and that solved the crashes, but wow did it ever look and run better on my 1060 3GB (with NCP settings applied).  I think it was the OpenGL triple buffering causes the crashes, but I need to test more. 

Any settings anyone would care to share?

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Ok, so like many, I was quick to blame AMD 😉  I could not get CMBN to work at all, no matter the settings. It looked and ran like garbage, and would just freeze up and crash right away in a game.  So, I installed SF 2 (Steam).  No issues, ran great (for CM), all mods, looks even better than it did with my Nvidia cards.  I was able to put all the settings back on in the profile (Supersampling, AF, Triple Buffering, etc).  I then installed CMFI big bundle.  No issues, all settings, runs great, all mods installed.  CMBS, same thing.  So, figuring it was CMBN, I deleted it all and reinstalled.  Voila, works like a charm now.  I don't get it, but obviously something got corrupted?  I have the all-in-one 4.03 installer.  This is on a brand new install of Windows 10, new B550 MB, R5 3600, and the 5700XT, so it wasn't old files or anything interfering.  

There is still the issue of some of the games not keeping shaders turned on between starts and battles.  SF 2 is having this issue right off the bat.  CMBN was fine, until I put my mods on, now I have to turn on shaders ever time.  More testing required...maybe the mods?

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