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Ministry of Defense video

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I hope this video will turn around the world and show really how accuracy rate the Combat mission  games series are, and give a boost to the sale of this game.

is nice to see that the Staff himself working on a scenario, the only difference that they can have is they can playing it on a video screen 3m of 2m and call the subordinates units in  a video conference...

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This is absolutly great to see happening! Really so happy for you Steve, and the rest of the team. Awesome to see collaboration between other serious wargame companies like Slitherine to bring Combat Mission into the light as a serious tool to exercise critical thinking for military leaders. Congratulations team Battlefront!! Happy to be part of the testing of this, and seeing the game used this way. I see so many great things in the future for CM!

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On 6/4/2020 at 4:57 PM, Battlefront.com said:

It's humbling to know they have so much faith in our system, especially because they've got a view of the insides in ways not even you guys do.  We've always believed in honesty and transparency with you lot, but Dstl requires it to go much further than that for obvious reasons.

It would be interesting and fun if you guys in Battlefront could upload a video which gives us a little look on the inside of the studio and the people working there. But maybe that kind of insight is strictly for business partners.

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Dominic C (Boris's brain) shaking up the whole status quo. Lot's of establishment in his sights.

Mind you by using CM it might be shown that tanks are still required if they want to protect our allies.

Hmm I have just realised we don't count the Europeans as allies any more...


If I were being really cynical perhaps Russia is our new friends after the help they gave Boris...

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