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Building 4a & 5a Scorched – Take That Kieme!

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These are two of Kieme's outstanding buildings in HD.

I  hate Kieme so much I burnt and shot them up. :-)


What you get with these buildings in HD:


  • Scorched sides from internal fires

  • Windows above the ground floor have no glass (still function in game terms)

  • Lightly-smoked roofs x 2 – a Syrian delicacy – don't knock it if you haven't tried it

  • Pockmarking from bullet and shell hits

  • Other damage and battle crap

  • Pro government and jihadist slogans/iconography

  • A little easter egg



(Yes, I think that sh*t is authentic. They're madder than a barrel of frogs.):rolleyes:

Designer's Notes

You need Kieme's buildings 4 and 5 to make this work. I recommend all his buildings. Because of the limitations of the way the modular buildings work I suggest you only use it as 1, 2, or 3 storeys as the scorching will look a bit odd otherwise. However it still works with taller buildings, particularly if you add balconies.

The pair of buildings aren't too heavily bullet-scarred so they fit in with other structures around. Because of the way the modular buildings work there had to be compromises with the placing of the slogans and decals, but I feel they add a lot of character to the buildings.  PUT IN THE Z FOLDER AS USUAL.



You can add wrecked Aircon3 to your flavour objects for that extra bit of damage.





Links to download files:

Bldg 4a


Bldg 5a




Installation: put in the Z folder as usual. I've put them with the relevant Kieme building folders and that works just fine. 


Note, I forgot I was using my vanilla modding SF2, so I loaded up Darya Tank Raid which I was halfway through, the semi-finished buildings came up and they looked so good that I had to complete them to play the rest of the scenario.





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Frikkin' typo. There's always a damn typo!
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Yeah, the problem is I am a bit of an obsessive perfectionist.  I can see some of the bullet holes that I deem inferior quality.  I got better at them as I went along. I had to make a decision to stop tinkering. I spent ages on the blistering just under the eaves and it just looks like mush.

I'll get on with some more, Sir!!  😛

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I just come across this thread again. I did want to point out one thing - because I thought someone would spot it, especially with the hint about an Easter Egg. There's a narrative in the buildings. It might not be so clear in 4a but I think 5a definitely lets you know what happened there.

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