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Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side

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...may I ask do the volksturm officers have like, more official looking uniforms?

There are three Volkssturn uniform types in the module, the greatcoat (seen in the DAR), civilian and military. Civilian uniforms don't go above NCO, any higher rank gets the military uniform. Officer greatcoats are military style with the rank on the collar. Only the senior officer gets a belt because he's carrying a sidearm. Everyone else is entirely free of gear, rather like CMSF2 'combatants', only able to carry as much ammo as they can stuff into their pockets.

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22 hours ago, BornGinger said:

Is this bout going to be on YouTube at a later time when the DLC is released? Would've been fun to watch it on my computer instead of looking at pictures.

No plans to sorry. DAR's have always been picture and forum post affairs. Some of the magic has to be left for when you get your own hands onto the new content. ;)

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Waiting for the Hammer to Fall... With a Dash of Crazy

Not much happening on my end these last ten minutes or so. There is still the odd firefight between squad sized elements but not much. I am causing more casualties than I am receiving however. The only major casualty was a paznerscreck team in the south that crept into a building (full of wounded comrades) as they tried to take a shot at one of Elvis' remaining tanks. The shot was on target but went a few feet over the turret. A jet of flame from the OT-34 came back at us as payment, wiping out the panzershreck team and killing all the wounded men in the building in the process. So... Elvis likes to commit pixeltruppen war crimes. :P


Not a lot in the south but the thin yellow arrow in the centre right of the map is perhaps to most suspenseful moment.

The remaining PzIV from JG @DoubleD was ordered forward to apply more pressure to the Soviet platoon(?) that was pressuring KG @benpark and KG @Bootie. It arrives and starts laying down the hurt but takes a few AT Rifle rounds. I think it got spooked and it's commander decided to retreat to behind the line of friendly buildings. TO do so it decided to charge down the main road towards the Soviets.


At that point Elvis decided to rush a lend lease Sherman back across to my left after my halftrack took out his remaining T-34. It speeds past my JzPzIV and also past my armour on this main road.


It shoots but barely misses both the spooked PzIV and the armoured car behind it. Just.


My vehicles also missed their rushed shots.

A minute or so later Soviet infantry are swarming the PzIV. I'm pretty sure they are Engineers as building walls are being blasted around me. Bow guns come in handy at close range!


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Tightening the Noose

Map first. Mix it up a little this time. Rather than drawing in arrows to show where things are moving, (because from my side there isn't much in the way of movement), instead I'll show the main lines of sight and fire that my key units are currently holding down from their positions. Since the last update I've really tried to cover all the angles possible and restrict Elvis' movements, or at least get eyes on anything he does move so I haven plenty of warning. His remaining armour pieces now can't move across his two flanks without running the gauntlet of 3x 75mm guns from close range.

Things I've picked up so far. There's one Sherman in the north and I count one SU-85 and one OT-34 in the south. He's moving tanks from the south back towards the north and his right flank. I think he thinks there is a much bigger force in the north threatening OBJ Jaegermeister. I'm also seeing tank crews scrounging weapons which is a strong indication he's getting low on infantry. Good. I've constantly been punishing every Soviet head that appears in a building window with some HE rounds. (New TacAI at play). I'm running low on HE across the map but I think it's paid off.



The Sherman managed to get into position and blast a fireteam from KG @benpark but has done little else. He can't move forward without being side shotted by the halftrack that took out his buddy about 10 mins ago. I don't think there is much infantry left on this side except for some snipers and HMG teams holding the buildings around OBJ Jaegermeister I'd push forward but I'm down to one platoon plus some Volkssturm and their morale is completely shot at this point. Maybe if they recover from being rattled but not counting on it given time and the face they are all Green with poor leadership. Going to be a stalemate but if I keep some of his forces away from the south then they've done their job.


KG benpark and KG sacrificial scouting lambs @Bootie  have done some good work in pushing into the custer of buildings right on top of the Soviet positions for most of this battle. The Volkssturm scouts did good but some of the pioneers from Benpark's company decided to ignore by blaster orders to go through a wall and instead run through the open door and into the courtyard where they were promptly chewed up. Can cover more of the map and limit Elvis' ability to swing around onto the OBJ Beer from the north from these positions. This leaves him a very narrow corridor to approach the contested OBJ.

Here's a sight. Waffenn SS fleeing while the Volkssturm fight on.


More elements from KG benpark cross the street to push into the Soviet cluster of buildings.


Remaining elements of KG @DoubleD and KG @Josey Wales hold the main road cutting the map in half for Sovit armour.


Elvis is making his big push. I think. His troops and tanks started plastering buildings with flame, SMG, HE, and machine gun fire the other minute. They were all empty buildings I had vacated ages ago. He also tried to push a T-34 through the gap that the OT-34 used before but this time my PzIV was waiting for him. One brewed up Soviet tank that also blocks that pesky alleyway. I think he knows, but there's only one route for his troops to reach the objective and a line of angry Fallschirmjagers are waiting in the windows.


There's also a Soviet aircraft buzzing around but it's not committing to any attacks.


All for now. There's less than 30 mins left on the clock. I see Elvis' thread is getting all the views and replies. <sniff> :P Probably last call for questions before this is all over.

CM Red Thunder 2020-07-10 20-01-14-06.png

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I love the screenshots.  We are right down in the middle of things, seeing what the groundpounders see.

I suspect that if anyone dared question the Waffen SS boys about them bugging out, their story would be that they got word there was a breakthrough to the rear and they were rushing to reinforce the defense there.  :rolleyes:

Your quick moves to control the limited thoroughfares have well and truly boxed Elvis in.  He's going to have to make some fast bum-rushes to cross those avenues of death.  It's possible that Marshall Zhukov has already alerted the NKVD troops near Elvis' HQ that he might need some "encouragement," like looking down the barrel of a Nagant revolver.  

Great AAR!


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On 7/10/2020 at 3:08 PM, Ithikial_AU said:

Tightening the Noose


All for now. There's less than 30 mins left on the clock. I see Elvis' thread is getting all the views and replies. <sniff> :P Probably last call for questions before this is all over.


Probably that's just due to the doctrinal differences between the Germans and the Soviets 😉 
Have been following both of the DARs with interest.

Question: do you think you'll be able on to hold the beers? I assume you're not going to try a push on Jaegermeister.

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4 hours ago, Lethaface said:

Question: do you think you'll be able on to hold the beers? I assume you're not going to try a push on Jaegermeister.

Beers = yes. Jaegermeister = Not going to try but going to keep up the impression that I am to keep him off balance.

Most of the troops near Jaegermeister already have their morale shot and are breaking pretty quickly every time they come under fire. Not going to be effective for movement etc when you expect contact with the enemy.

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Question on uniform appearance...

Some of your troops have what I will call the previous normal/summer appearance from CMRT and some have the new "winter uniforms" (quilted jacket and fur hat).

Actually maybe the great coat is rolled over the shoulders for the summer...not EXACTLY like previous CMRT.

Anyway, is this on purpose? Does the troops selection menu have a drop down for choosing "summer" - "winter" - "mixed"?



EDIT: WHOOPS, wrong side

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When Failure Produces So Many Results

A few infantry being blasted on both sides, the loss of an armoured care on my side and another T-34 for Elvis. I think he only has two tanks left, an M4A2 covering the eastern approach and a SU-85.covering west. It's time for a panzer charge.


Elvis decided to move a T-34 into position to try and blast some of @benpark's pioneers. Instead he ended up blasting a whole squad of @Bootie's Volkssturm with one HE round through a window. I responded quickly by moving my last armoured car from the late @Josey Wales's command along with the Panzer IV from the late @DoubleD's command in response. The T-34 didn't have the ability to react and took a side shot from the Panzer IV.


My vehicles then reversed away from the intersection of death. That however led to this unfortunate encounter as an Soviet AT gun was spotted on the end turn with a great angle on my parked PzIV.


Luckily my Pz IV managed to reverse out of the way. I think the AT gun was still limbered and moving.

It was in this moment I decided to risk it. (The Independence Day meme above). The armoured car was ordered to advance towards OBJ Jaegermeister and circle it. This would add more confusion for Elvis and keep forces away from OBJ Beer in the south. It got far but there was one thing I forgot... it was an opened topped vehicle. A platoon of Maxim's shot into the open canopy, leaning their HMG's out of the windows over the buildings of OBJ Jaegermesiter to blast the crew and instruments to smithereens.


(After the event)

This gave me valuable intel. There is little in the way of anti-tank assets covering the main objective. No AT Rifles by the looks of it. I did spot another AT gun but again it's out of position in the main street.

As a result 2x JzPzIV's and another 1x Pz IV from the south are redeploying to the centre. Linking up with the remaining PzIV from DoubleD's command this armoured fist is going to take control of the intersection and effectively cut the enemy force in two. I don't have anything in the way of infantry that can assist so fingers crossed these vehicles are good at spotting. I'll make a call whether to push one way or another from Elvis' effective rear once they are in position.


Not much except for the pesky lend lease blasting another squad. My mortar rounds came in oh so close to an engine hit. The last halftrack (and vehicle from Josey Wale's command is about to try and get a side shot on the Sherman as it focuses on my infantry.



A few Fallschirmjaeger stragglers have moved into the buildings to scrounge panzerfausts. Benpark's pioneers have pushed forward and I've been surprised there has been no Soviet infantry contacts. Has Elvis effectively run out of infantry? I'm blasting my way through neighbouring buildings and looking to apply pressure to Elvis' flank in the south. Box hi it and make OBJ Beer impossible to reach with any other forces.

The Map


25 minutes on the clock.

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On 7/10/2020 at 3:08 PM, Ithikial_AU said:

All for now. There's less than 30 mins left on the clock. I see Elvis' thread is getting all the views and replies. <sniff> :P Probably last call for questions before this is all over.


Believe me, I'm following your thread with the same interest as that of Elvis. Great battle so far.

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Fingers crossed for the armor charge.  Cutting through his center like that will be quite unsettling.  

I'm right here with Mjkerner and Aragorn.  I really like your aggresive use of the equipment, especially the halftracks.  I'm not sure how you managed to get the troops motivated so much, as it is so close to the end of the war.  I wonder if you slipped c3k in to give them a pep talk, haha.   :D

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On 7/20/2020 at 1:41 AM, Heinrich505 said:

I'm not sure how you managed to get the troops motivated so much, as it is so close to the end of the war.  I wonder if you slipped c3k in to give them a pep talk, haha.   :D

Honestly no idea what you are talking about...



Honestly, all my troops are green (which I think is actually @benpark's work to try and balance out the forces on both sides), unsure what it does for motivation of the German troops in May 1945. But I think what you are seeing in this battle is more because of the TacAI changes for troops behind hard cover. As I mentioned last month, expect to expend an awful lot of ammunition to dislodge enemy troops in urban battles if you only have small arms. If this was a battle in an open map I think you'd see my troops running (away from the enemy) quite a bit more.


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Thanks again for the detailed updates. Lots of us out here enjoying them. The greater amount of activity in the Soviet thread is probably due to him being perceived as the underdog in this fight. Old hands know that meeting engagements are often largely decided by who takes certain key ground the fastest. Your identifying and taking it early put you in the frontrunner spot.

So, I think folks who know the ME dynamic naturally put their attention more on the underdog side. Had it been the reverse, your thread would very likely have been the more active one.

Just a thought. 🙂

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In memoriam KG @Josey Wales

KG Josey Wales has been wiped out to a vehicle. Well except the Ostwind but it's done nothing all game.


Up first just a nice scenic shot that I think summarizes the upcoming module - minus the snow.


Josey Wale's last surviving halftrack saw an opening as the lend lease Sherman on my far left flank pounded some infantry from KG @benpark. The Sherman's turret was facing away from the halftrack so with bravery it rolled forward. Mistakes were made. It easily got into position, aimed and was elevating the long 75mm gun barrel, but Elvis had been sneaky over the end turn. The Sherman began reversing to break contact with my infantry and in the process swung the hull and therefore the turret back in the direction of the my halftrack. The halftrack came off second best with two quick 76mm rounds through the hull.



(Centre right of the gun shield. A thin piece of metal doesn't protect much against a 76mm round. :P )

Payback was quick, but not against the Sherman. The tank retreated further back into the main road that has been Elvis' main logistics line all battle. It did however give up it's overwatch position across the park that dominates the north east side of the map.  @DoubleD's Panzer IV (minus DoubleD himself who sits dead in his commander's seat!) rolled into the park and took out a Soviet AT gun and some infantry that hand been loitering for a while.


It then successfully rolled back to safety after popping smoke. Unsure why which has me a little concerned. The green crew is rattled following the death of it's commander but it saw something. Back in it's position of safety, it immediately came under fire from a Soviet mortar position. A few close calls but one some scuffed paintwork.


Meanwhile elements of KG Benpark are setting up to enter the park. There is preciously little Soviet defence now on this side ( I hope they haven't traveled south) so time to apply some more pressure. Elements of KG Benpark are occupying the old Sherman position with their panzerfausts, daring the Soviets to come back to the park. To the far north, Elvis rains down some off map mortars (I assume). Takes out a kubelwagon and some infantry gun crew but I think it's falling well off it's intended target which is the Benpark's infantry closer to his lines.


Strangely all silent. KG @Bootie has pressed some Volkssturm forward and even the crossroads of death appears vacant of enemy troops. Probably not the best shots but they hold a lot of panzerfausts covering the intersection. They are also doing a little to much thinking for their commander's liking...


KG Double D is just about ready to spring it's trap.


The final KG Benpark platoon has crossed successfully to flank to Soviet's trying to take OBJ Beer. I'm getting eyes on a lot of Soviet corpses which I don't remember killing. Mortars actually did something other than damage some buildings?



And then their brothers in arms show up and try to even the score with their SMG's. The one positive is I think these were troops ELvis was setting up to assault OBJ Beer which I don't think my 'Wall of Steel' of @mjkerner's fallschirmjaeger would be able to hold. Elvis did conduct a probing movement towards OBJ Beer since my last update, and even though they were dispatched my troops still panicked and went to ground. I don't think Elvis realises this. My 'wall of steel' is actually a 'wall of aluminum'.


20 minutes remaining.

Finally the map and the next moves.


KG DoubleD will launch it's attack once one of it's tanks crosses the park. We'll hit that Sherman from both sides while covering the approach the SU-85 in the south may take to react.

KG @Hapless is firing some smoke rounds and will race past the Su-85 to assist Benpark's pioneers. Hopefully he won't be too late.

KG Bootie surprisingly holds the centre of the whole operation.

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