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Thanks BFC!


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I just purchased Black Sea today and started with the first 3 smallest missions.  The first mission gathering the intel from the knocked out vehicles played like all the other CMs I have so it was a pretty easy victory for me.  Had one wounded and destroyed all other enemy personnel on the field.  I even had one wounded by the knocked out vehicle in the middle of the field and had a Medal of Honor moment and sent my men back into the fray to get him medical attention.

Second mission "Going to town" I got my butt handed to me.  As in my scout/sniper team took 3 steps out of cover and got destroyed, so I moved some of the AFVs up and they both got lit up without so much as looking around.  Ended the mission there thinking I needed practice with modern day Russian equipment.  

Mission 3.  The night one with an American platoon? hunting a few AAA vehicles.  Look at map and think...easy.  Got a sweet little creek to follow with cover, got a scout team ahead already, this should get my pride back up.  NOPE!  I cannot for the life of me move my guys up close enough, even in the dark (night vision perhaps) to even see the third launcher let alone get a coordinated three shots at the same time ambush on them.  

So really, thank you BFC!  I have been gone from the game (again sadly) because I had just lost my love for the game because I had I guess figured out the A.I.  Took a shot in the dark that Black Sea was different and I wasn't disappointed.  I am going to have to learn my tactics all over again and I love it!

Side note, any tips for this one guys?  Such a noob question but this isn't WWII anymore and I cannot get my men close without getting shot to pieces.  Im guessing I need to learn to stay way back for this modern stuff?

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Your learning curve will flatten if you first progress using the US forces as you work your way up to the larger scenarios. Take the time to understand the difference between the various vehicles and weapon systems. It isn't WWII or CMSF2.

The US side usually has a Javelin CLU/squad - learn the value of never leaving one unequipped.

The US spots best. The Javelin CLU will improve this even further.

If you are seen - you die. Be sure to be able to do this FIRST!

Once I progressed up to Rolling Thunder - I stayed there for a couple of sessions to work air defense and air support (UAV). The Russians have a decent force to provide lessons on how to best approach recon and air assets. It also offers a mice mix of terrain to give you a feel for masking your approach(es).

Once you are done will the US scenarios - rinse and repeat for Russia. When done - Ukraine.

Search the CMBS forum for best practices. You find this will be good use of your time. Lots of good info there.

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To me Black Sea is a lot more challenging game than any other in the series. Any WW2 CM allows for a huge margin of error when compared because of the crude military tech - but in Black Sea a single small mistake makes immediate difference.

However one good tip that helps a lot here is - use scouts. Yes, split those two guys out from the squad and send them forward. Much like in real life - smaller groups are harder to spot by the enemy and if they did get spotted - it's better to lose two than to lose half your squad in 5 seconds (which is how CMBS rolls). But keep the rest of the squad relatively nearby to provide immediate support (50m will be enough). In fact do whatever you can to maximize situational awareness - modern war is mostly about who spots who first, not about raw firepower.

And, yeah, when moving into combat encounter - always split squads and spread them out. Having an enemy pounded by MGs from several directions instead of one works wonders.

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