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Where I can find Scipios' weapon icon Mod CMSF1, and a question about AFV silhouettes

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Is there any place I can find CMSF1 mod Scipios' weapon icon? the download link provided by Scipios doesn't work anymore ,  :(


Also, I am trying to make a AFV silhouettes mod myself. I got some silhouettes from one of the FCRS's user made mod.  BMP-2 works fine. But silhouettes for BMP-1 doesn't work, no matter if it is for BMP-1, BMP-1P or BMP-1P(4A). I put the file name as "silhouette BMP-1", "silhouette BMP-1P", "silhouette BMP-1P(4A)" and "silhouette BMP-1P(4C)"

Any tips on how to correct that?


Thank you


CMSF 2 question.jpg

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There's also the IvanZ edit which I used as a base for the H&E silhouettes... now that I think about it I'm pretty certain he hasn't been credited in the 0.96 manual.

I'll have to remember to add that to the 0.97 manual... along with @IICptMillerII & @Jace11 (Modern US uniforms & BHCW Special Force Berets respectively).

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16 hours ago, Hilts said:

That appears to be for CM Afghanistan. Did IvanZ do one for Shockforce and if so do you have it?

IIRC it had most of the CMSF weapons/vehicles with it (certainly for the reds).

Also IIRC, a combination of the two was the best option available for modding the UI of CMSF/CMSF2 (which is why I chose the combo as a base for the H&E UI).

I have none of those early experiments left however the H&E silhouettes are, obviously, part of the 'Open Beta' & the vast majority of it should be applicable to base CMSF2.

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