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Just finished this and have to say it's a very good and well-designed scenario - the most enjoyable of the AD designs for CMBS.  The US has an airborne company with support from HUMVEE's mounting TOW's, AGL's and a 50cal, plus a decent amount of arty.  Unlike the other AD designs for CMBS one has a lot more options. And if you enjoy MOUT-type scenarios, this is a good one.  Got a Total Victory, but only barely.  Most of the time I thought I would fail.  

Just one of the excellent features is that the AI Red forces have been given xnt AI programming as they react as if there is a smart human player controlling them.   Many times I had set up an assault with overwhelming firepower, but the Russians managed to retreat to another defensive position just in time to spoil my plans.  Very satisfying game. 

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