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New Player Looking for PBEM

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Hi, yes, even now in 2006, I'm a new CM: Beyond Overlord player! smile.gif

I downloaded the AK demo, played half of it and then decided to do things properly, start at the beginning and buy CM:BO special edition.

I'm looking for a PBEM opponent or two. I'll play any game type, although I'd rather start with a small battle. (I've only played about 5 battles against the AI at the time of writing).

I'll play any opponent, although I myself am a very raw rookie. I've always enjoyed strategy games, but I'm not always very good at them.

I'm in the UK, and although my gaming time is limited I do get on the PC for at least an hour every day. So I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind playing at a reasonably casual pace. But, having said that, I sometiems get through huge flurries of my Civ IV PBEM turns.

My email address is james_owen46 (AT) yahoo.co.uk

For now, I'll play games against the first two comers I guess, so that I don't get swamped smile.gif

I'd also like to know if there are any absolute "must have" mods out there. I've got whatever comes with the latest buyable version of CM:BO already, but haven't downloaded anything extra...

Okay, see you on the battlefield!



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