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off topic, Driver update tool??? what do folks use?

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Hi all, 


Was just pondering over pc and have thought i haven't really updated any drivers, on my new system since owning it late last year..


i have seen Driverfix app....has anyone used this? or have any suggestions ? 

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Hi Bubba, I would not use any of those apps. You could end up with all kinds of bloatware and very often malware.

First apply any outstanding updates from Microsoft.

Then go to the company sites to get the newest drivers for your graphics and sound card.

Speccy is a free and respected software that tells you exactly what your computer specs are if you don't know them.

Free Download here   https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy    Just download Speccy. 

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I don't use any automated driver updater, either. I generally use drivers that shipped with the device, unless there are problems with it. The biggest exception are graphics card drivers, as newer games sometimes require newer drivers.

For that, I use the native NVidia companion app -- I actually perfered the AMD one (when I used AMD). These companion apps ship with your graphics card. They'll let you know that there is a new version and give you an option to update.

To check all your driver versions, status and options: go to Device Manager (it's native to Win 7, 10, etc.). From there you can even manually install drivers. No disrespect to CCleaner, I have fond memories of using that one.

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Through the website of your mobo supplier you can usually update drivers specific for your mobo. MSI and others have an automatic tool too which can even be used to update video cards etc. 

However, Like the others here, I usually just update things manually. 

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