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M1167 and TOW HUMVEE possible bug(s)


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Meant to write "M1151" but can't change the title... 

Have been playing "AD night Jump" (and it's the best of the three AD games and recommended.)

The scenario features a couple of M1151 Humvee mounted Mk 19 AGL's.  One can dismount the crew and they take the AGL with them. However, one can mount another inf team into the Humvee and find the vehicle Mk19 still attached and usable.  Is this accurate - that the M1151 has two Mk19 AGL's - one permanently on the vehicle and one that can be dismounted with the original crew? 

The 2nd M1151 carries the HQ and a 2-man team.  However, when they dismount no Mk19 dismounts with them.

There are also a couple of M1167 TOW Humvees.  What is odd here is that when you dismount the crews they each automatically take 2,840 rounds(!) of 5.56mm with them. 

Also, when the M1151 (HMG) team disembark, they do not take the 50 cal HMG with them, but they do take 600 rounds of 50 cal with them.  



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