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Fun little exercise.  It's just US infantry (airmobile) needing to winkle out a Russian Platoon with 4 BMP's in a village.  Didn't think I was doing well but suddenly game ended with 20 minutes to go and a US Total Victory. 

It always seems easier when playing the US as Javelins are like magic weapons.  Never misfire, never miss, one shot one kill.  SOP is to recon, spot the enemy AFV's and kill em with Javs, then move in with the inf.  In this scenario the US has a fair amount of 60mm plus 105mm as well.  The only limitation in "Roadblock" is that I found it impossible to target any village buildings with Javs even though LOS seemed unobstructed.  Weird CM2 LOS issues again...

It's a fun basic mission - plenty of Javs and a Spotter Drone, but no US vehicles.  BTW: The drone spots the vehicles easily (no Russian AAA) but am always disappointed by the inaccuracy of artillery strikes when using the drone in CM to spot.  Isn't that the point of the drone?  I was unable to get an accurate strike to kill any of the BMP's (one can't be targeted by a Jav) and even when targeting a building, the shells land all around - like one expects in a WW2 era strike.

However, the hard challenge is always playing Red vs Blue as in "AD A Bradley Speedbump".  One always expects the Russians to never leave home without arty, and that absence is what made "Speedbump" very hard for me.   (Apparently one has to be very careful scoping out the ground to find safe routes - but I can't help think that in RL a CO wouldn't have that kind of detailed topographical info available or the time to recon.)

Red vs Red can be great fun and my favorite Red vs Red Campaign is CMSF's "Zawiya Uprising".  This campaign allows one to use good tactics that work...  No sneaky designer stuff like positioning enemy units so that one can't get LOS but they can shoot at you, or placing AFV's behind trees so that the tree absorbs one tank round after another leaving the vehicle unscratched.  

CMSF's "The Road to Dinas" is the 2nd best Red vs Red campaign, but some missions are so tough that I had to replay em 10+ times just to move on (if you lose the mission the campaign ends Grrr....).

BTW:  I play WEGO Elite.  I realized that we see a lot of AAR's but if you don't play with the same parameters you may have a completely different game experience.

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Did you play D

On 4/21/2020 at 10:31 PM, Erwin said:

always disappointed by the inaccuracy of artillery strikes when using the drone in CM to spot. I was unable to get an accurate strike to kill any of the BMP's

  1. 120mm is WAY LESS accurate than 155mm.
  2. Depending on the prerequisites I either fire 2 or 3 shots. 2 shots make it a 60-65% probability to immobilize and 3 - to 80-90%.
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@Erwin, you can try my PvE standard battle arrangements:

  1. Zero casualties (not all maps can be played to this).
  2. No Javs
  3. No UAVs
  4. No use of air or off-map artillery support
  5. One use of reinforcements or in the worst case only when there' s no way not to use as per point 1.

The problem is I feel this produces mighty efficient but nonetheless no very useful gamestyle to what one can see in PvP games.

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Posted (edited)
58 minutes ago, IMHO said:

...always disappointed by the inaccuracy of artillery strikes when using the drone in CM to spot. I was unable to get an accurate strike to kill any of the BMP's

It's taken me a while, but I realized that to be effective, one must center the drones "area of spotting" on the desired target so that the drone operator can better see where the spotting rounds land and give accurate feedback to the artillery.  The situation that I had previously encountered was that a drone would spot something on the edge of it's "spotting area", so that spotting rounds would strike outside that "spotting area" and therefore out of sight - so no good feedback.  

However, when I was playtesting TOC I had a drone fly a linear spotting routine up and down a road that one is told in the briefing that an enemy vehicle would travel, and the damn thing never saw that vehicle in the half dozen or so tests I ran.  Instead of "Grey Eagle" I started calling it "Grey Pigeon". 

Also, in the numerous TOC tests, I found that drones had a very hard time spotting anything but vehicles in woods.  One would think that with IR etc that inf would be more easily spotted by drones even when in woods.  

PS:  Am much more enjoying "AD Night Jump" - very good mission.  Will post about this separately.

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