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If someone freaks out over the below, it's a M113 VISMOD for BMP-2

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Someone freaking out about martial law being imminent in the States posted this on FB, and after failing to ID it, myself, I pinged brother George (retired Army SFC (Scouts) who informed me it was a M113 VISMOD. Once I knew what to look for, it took but seconds to confirm that was the case. If you happen to run across anyone, on SM or elsewhere who's seen this pic and thinks the worst, please pass the word. Thanks! Before pinging brother George, I'd concluded it wasn't a Bradley, didn't know what the cylinder was on top and thought I might be looking at a technology demonstrator or prototype of some sort. From a VISMOD standpoint the M113 hull is too hall, and the problem's much worse after adding the way taller than a BMP-2 turret Bradley turret.


John Kettler

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