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British Campaign?

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There are British campaigns.  Eg; "UK Warriors In The Sands", "UK HIghland Games" and "UK Stepsons of Jihad".  You may have d/l one or two.

Warriors in the Sands  v1.0

Campaign for CM:SF British Forces

The Invasion of Syria is begun. The main strike force is the US Task Force Thunder coming from the East (Iraq). Diversion strikes are provided by US Marines, attacking from the sea and moving inland from the West. A second American strike force (Task Force Narwick) is driving down hard from the North (Turkey) and we are... the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, 1st Battalion. We are also launching from Turkey, but we'll advance from West to East, in parallel with the Marines.

This is a mini-campaign by 7 missions and you are the commander of a British Battalion. As the campaign name suggested, your force's backbone is the Warrior IFV supported infantry.

The upcoming terrain is very diverse: narrow passes, hills with forest, desert, villages and high density urban areas. We have to be prepared to face any and all contingencies. 

There are two version of the campaign in this zip file:
* UK Warriors in the Sands, is a pure British version. You don't need any other extension.
* UKUSMC Warriors in the Sands, is a Marine version. You need both British Forces and Marine modules. (there are no USMC units in the campaign, but you can fight with Syrian Airborne troops in this version).

Install: copy the cam files into your CMSF/Campaigns folder (eg.: C:\Games\Combat Mission Shock Force\Game Files\Campaigns)

The campaign (and the missions) designed by bardosy, using actual satelite images from Google Maps.
The briefings was reworked by handihoc.

Thanks to the Beta testers: Souldierz, PaperTiger, BlackMoria.

Special thanks to handihoc, who tried to keep the mood in British.

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That's why am puzzled, if it previously existed and is merely being updated it should be in the Campaign list.  But, I have never seen a campaign called "British Campaign" or "UK British Campaign".  It has another name?  (I thought "Warriors in the Sands" was the Brit campaign.)

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3 hours ago, 7thGalaxy said:

Yes - Highland Games.  The final un-updated campaign for SF 2.  It's got some great missions in, I'd love to know it's still being worked on...

Judging by the time it is taking, something has definitely not gone according to the plans. I am sure at some point in time it will get released

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I am still working on this and the updated missions are being play tested. I have a few missions left to update but progress is being made. I will admit this campaign is taking a backseat to my gardening work, I have a large family and with all the fun from Corona, I want to make sure I can keep them all fed.

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