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CMBS v2.00 brz missing

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So I just installed a new SSD in my computer and am re-installing all the CM games and patches. With CMBS, I installed the game and all patches in order, but when I start it tells me to contact customer service as v2.00 brz is missing. What am I doing wrong?

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Do you have the 4.0 Upgrade (I assume you do, since the v2.00 brz is only associated with that upgrade) ? If so, then just use the 4.0 Upgrade all-in-one installer, which doesn't need any other patches, etc. Go to your purchase of the 4.0 Upgrade for CMBS and download the file that says 'FULL' in its filename. CMBS's FULL (all-in-one) installer is 2GB in size.

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