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Shooting through bridge structure

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I'm playing a scenario that has a large bridge crossing a river. I noticed my BMP3 tried to shoot at an enemy unit on the other side of the bridge, but the round hit bridge structures.
The  bridge looks much like in the linked photo. The shell hit parts of the bridge that are green in the photo.
In my opinion a tank/vehcile should not shoot through bridge structures, because it's very likely that it will hit the bridge.
So, is this a bug?   

Most CM bridges have only parts that are below the "road level", but this bridge also has structure several meters above road level. Should the Ai handle it as if shooting through  was impossible?


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This is a very common issue whenever a gun shoots through such structures including trees.  It's common that the shell will hit the tree or bridge structure, but the gunner will not adjust or stop, so will continue to shoot and waste shells until ordered to stop.   The 15 second target fire command is useful as that way one only loses 1 or 2 shells max.

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