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IIRC Topic title is "Red Thunder and Covid-19".  Maybe start a new thread and forget the Covid bit?  We have a good thread about the Pandemic in non CM General Discussion tread that can be located towards the bottom of the main board.

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Are you guys F'n kidding me?  You really fall for this clap trap?  Good lord.  The panic and hoarding is a sad over reaction, but the ostrich head in the sand attitude is far worse and more dangerous.

That is some logic.  If everyone gets the virus at once, the hospitals get inundated, respirators are already in short supply - result LOTS more people die.  Health care workers that would be needed t

With covid-19 containment and  the time available, I decided !! I bought Red Thunder without waiting Fire and Rubble kept smiling and positive with great thought for Italy  


I come back to this thread and my subject will only concern Red Thunder !!

It's been over a month now that I'm fighting in the East and can give my first impressions. My surprise is to see how different the game can be from Normandy and Italy

It's easier (much easier) than in Italy.

For once we even tremble with a panther or a tiger!

 My surprise is the SU 76, I took it for a "tankette". Bitter meeting when one is German. Great surprise also the Soviet snipers.

Frankly, I have only one regret is not having bought it before !!

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That was the general consensus of Beta testers too. After focusing on other projects for a very long time, when we returned to CMRT we discovered 'Hey, this is FUN!" Having said that, I'm off playing a couple scenarios before suppertime.

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Red Thunder is fun for sure.  And playing as Soviets was way more fun than I expected.  I've been binging on CMBS (though taking a short break to play an ancient Rome game).  And when F&R comes out I'll be binging again in eastern europe.  Gonna be great.  Now if I could just somehow dump the day job...


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