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Battle for Casa Beradi

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So here I am sitting in the house with nothing to do  because of the "stay home" edict from my governor... The restaurants are closed, the movie theater is closed and it's raining outside. So what to do?? How about finally create a medium sized scenario around one of the 1st Canadian Division battles moving towards Ortona on the Adriatic coast? The area know as The Gully.

It's early December 1943 and the Canadians are trying to move north up the Adriatic coast. They have taken Campobasso in the mountains and are moving east. The Gully is a natural defense running east/west for miles. In places there is over 150 meter difference between to top and the bottom. The Germans have heavily reinforced it and have been able to stop repeated attacks. On top of that the weather has been wet and rainy.

On Dec 13th Princes Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry managed to get across a narrow portion of the Gully and take the Orsonga-Ortona road. However, they were stopped in their tracks as they tried to advance. Ahead of them lay the small village of San Martino with Casa Beradi just behind. Casa Beradi was on a small piece of land that jutted into the gully and gave the Germans clear LOS/LOF to the south, east and west. It had to be taken. By the night of the 13th of December both the PPCLI and the Seaforth Highlanders had been badly mauled by the German 90th Panzergrenadiers occupying the area. It was decided to have the 22nd Regiment, supported by the Ontario Tanks, pass through the lines and attack the village. C and D company, with C Squadron supporting, would have that honor. Unfortunately for them, The Germans also moved out the battle weary 90th and replaced them with a fresh company from the 1st Fallschrimjager.

As so the battle began....


I have created a scenario which covers the battle for San Martino and Casa Beradi. It has not been fully tested in the Allies v AI mode. I'm looking for anyone who would like to try the scenario and give me feedback concerning it's playability and the quality of the AI. I have rarely created an AI scenario as I usually prefer H2H. So I could really use some input.

If your interested let me know and I'll send the scenario.




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I'm in the same situation as you, so I have time
even if computer access is complicated,
because madam uses it in telework and children for their school lessons
I don't have a lot of experience in scenario testing but you need a start for everything
 courage comrade

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@Falaise, I have created a lot of scenarios over the years, but only 2 had an AI. FUBAR Village and DiSarrano took a long time for me to test and test again. This time I have played against the AI a couple of times, but it's hard to properly test a game if you know where everything is! Hopefully someone will want to try for me.


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