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Charge of the Stryker Brigade Difficulty

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Am I doing something wrong with my tactical approach during this scenario, or is this campaign insanely difficult? Seems like the player is always outnumbered 3-1ish and outgunned. Off-map assets would be able to somewhat counter this disadvantage, but by the time it arrives as reinforcements my force has already been blown to pieces by counterattacking enemy armor. I try and keep the actual strykers out of the fighting and rely on Javelins, but I often find myself stuck engaging armor from extremely close range, negating the ATGM advantage...

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i'd say to play defensive through out the whole campaign. except for a few mission, the russians always counter with huge amounts of armour. Always keep scouts at vantage points to spot spot incoming armour. right at the start of the game, get everyone in the squads to take up as much at4/javs as they can pick up. yes you are overloading them but trust me they will run through it fast. also remember strykers are kinda **** when it comes to spotting. in fact they are quite bad. they are worse than the bmp3m. your infantry is your main asset here. strykers on the flanks will do good work especially the tow strikers but never ever put them in front of incoming armour. even if you put them really well in hull down positions, most of the time their spotting is so bad that that t72b3s will spot them first and ohko them

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On 8/30/2020 at 5:51 AM, hebrewhammer926 said:

On the Scenario "The Eagle", the AAR says there are over 300 enemies still alive, is that a bug

More likely that the designer has added extra enemy troops that are timed to never arrive during the scenario.  This is a workaround to prevent a premature AI surrender and most designers, including me, use this workaround.  The trade off is that it creates confusion for players at end game.  It is definitely not a bug.

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