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Any market garden campaigns available?

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been away from here a while, does anyone know of any good Market garden campaigns or scenarios about? (other than the handful of scenarios that came with the MG Module). Quite surprised there wasn't a Paratroop campaign or two included with the MG module considering the different ways that battle could have played out. Have started reading the rare book 'Cauldron' by Zeno (who fought at Arnhem) and thought it would make a cracking campaign to follow his pathfinder platoon..or similar from the initial landing zones, through to the push on the bridge and town itself with ever stiffening opposition.

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That is true. There are some interesting one off battles for both Arnhem city centre, and the surrounding area, but a campaign would have been nice to have. We have to bear in mind that CMx2 is far more complex than the original game so campaign design itself takes a lot more work. Also, the more work done on modern warfare titles, means less work done on WW2, and BFC being such a small company can't please us all. Also, players themselves enjoy designing campaigns away from WW2, even if it might not be my own cup of char.

In fact, I do think it was Dartford Mick and the Tax Dodgers who once said, "I met her today on the Utrechtseweg, with a map of Saigon in her hand. And I said, "Why are you carrying that?" She looked at me, as if I was a twat. And then she said, "Make your f*%king mind up, you Limey pratt. You either want Arnhem or you want Heaven and Earth, you either want Arnhem or you want Heaven and Earth. Ooh baby baby, just make yer f&^king mind up... repeat to fade.

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