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Fire and Rubble Update

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I get that some people, a small vocal group of people,  are disappointed. I just wish they'd have the humility not to constantly flood the forum with petty bitching

Sure - but we could all take our tinfoil hats off about Steam, military contracts et al.  The latter reminds me of those discussions when Shock Force came out ... remember those ... "It is a click fes

I don't really get your point. But I do find that there's a small gaggle of really vocal weirdos on this site who work hard to create the impression that the customers are dissatisfied. Havi

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9 minutes ago, Aragorn2002 said:

That's why I'm not even looking forward to official announcements anymore. 

The only thing I'm looking forward from BFC these days is a big thorough patch fixing a decent number of the issues that have been reported over the years.

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On 12/27/2020 at 9:46 PM, waffelmann said:

We need someone, who can make a good texture for the (new, coming) fieldcap to use for the gebirgsjäger (edelweiss):


This could be eventually a fine mod!


Lol, I also made this mod, or at least a very similar mod, a month or two ago, in preparation for Fire and Rubble's arrival. It's all ready to go for CMFB and RT-F&R when the module arrives, just need the fieldcap model and a texture as a guide. Adapted some of EZ's uniforms too, but need to work in some of those warm jackets, what's great is that the gebirgs tag works with models too. You obviously know that though as you mix helmets in your screen shot.Cr2UOah.jpg

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Happy New Year 2021 everybody!

The Missus and I played a game of scrabble as part of our celebratory evening for two. The deal was the winner would get the opponent to perform 1 request. I won! But instead of asking her for some intense, amorous type of action <<wink, wink>>...I said I wanted her to watch me play a short, small scenario in the CMRT Winter Mod and see some of the stuff that was done over 5 years ago! This morning over coffee, she sat next to me and it was fun to explain it all to her. She even made a few tactical recommendations.

I am still looking forward to the real deal from the BFC folks. 

Best wishes to all.

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I'll purchase Fire & Rubble first day.  Right now I'm immersed in GMT Panzer & MBT as well as Graviteam Mius Front.  Too busy to spend time wishing for something that will come when it comes.

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