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Fire and Rubble Update


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@benparkhas been creating some really cool maps. He though that it may be interesting if we posted screenshots of them and mention where they represent and the size of the maps. Not everyone wants to cut down maps themselves and make scenarios. Portions of most (probably all) are spread through the module in scenarios, campaigns and Quick Battle maps. He said there are about 20 in all. Here are screenshots from 3 of them:

Arnswalde 2824x

Arnswalde 2848x1824.jpg

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2 hours ago, rocketman said:

Nice maps - like postcards. Now let us blow them up 💥

This and....



9 minutes ago, danfrodo said:

Nice towns.  Shame if something were to happen to them...

this, gave me hardy laughs. 

"We can guarantee you that not a single armoured division will get done over for fifteen bob a week."

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Thank you very much for listening to my wishes... Master maps are the way to go. But that doesnt dismiss QB maps. When you buy a game you expect to see more than just a few master maps! 


Looks really good. I thought about this module the other day. It'll likely be CM's bread and butter considering its place in the library. I think we are going to be surprised with a monster module. One I would happily pay whatever price for. 

Thx Elvis

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