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Designing own scenario for Kurds


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I like the idea of Uncon v. Uncon scenarios.  I'd like a bit of advice before I dive into one and get frustrated.

Firstly, has anyone done a reskin for the Kurds? I am looking into doing a Kurds v. Terrorists battle. (ISIS, Hayat al shish kebab, Al Nusra (the-little known jazz trombonist) and probably the ICF;-)).

According to Sgt Squarehead, I can set up my own battle with all sorts of equipment/vehicles/arty, not just the minimal that the Uncons have.  I would deffo like to have Aquila's improvised armoured vehicle - it's so steampunky!

What about ammo for both sides?  I have been playing a few QBs with both sides as uncons and they have so little ammo they are soon reduced to using harsh language only. You can't seem even to buy a truck to use as an ammo depot.

It is fairly clear that in recent battles in various places, the uncons have not been short of ammo, having huge stockpiles shipped to them by their backers.

I am going to adapt a QB map - that makes it a lot simpler to progress quickly.

Any suggestions or pointers would be helpful.  I do want the terrorists to have VBIEDs as that is clearly a major attack weapon for them.



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There are 2007 Kurds and there are 2017 Kurds and they're quite different beasts. Around 2007 I think they'd still qualify as 'neighborhood guys with guns', or maybe a step above. 2017 timeframe they're a fully equipped proxy army. So would your scenario be 2007 Kurds vs al Qaeda or 2017 Kurds vs ISIS?

For ammo there's always army supply trucks full of acquireables. I was going to suggest you include supply trucks then select 'dismounted' to disburse the acquireables but I forgot CMSF2 doesn't have the 'dismounted' feature.

For uncon with heavy weapons, I just down did a test. Swapped out Syrian Reserves uniform textures for combatants. The fit isn't perfect but its close enough for rock and roll. Or you can simply include the green fatigued reserves as better equipped Kurds.


reserves and uncon d.jpg

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3 hours ago, JulianJ said:

Thanks Mikey. 

I've solved the ammo issue - I can give them more stuff in the setup.

I can't work out how to get two red forces though. I started off with Red and now I seem only to be able to get Blue as their opponents.

It is at the front end of the editor in the Data Section right at the bottom 'Force versus Force' - select Red vs Red when you want to pick Red forces for both sides.  If you want to pick Blue force elements for one side go back to that screen and change it to Blue vs Red or if you want Blue equipment for both sides pick Blue vs Blue.  Once you've got the bits and pieces you need you can change the settings back to whatever you want them to be.

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