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New Mini-Campaign/Scenario: Alarmeinheiten

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Decision Scenario.

This is not a campaign in a traditional sense.  The 2nd and final scenario is one three hour battle fought on a 13.5 square kilometer map.   The first scenario is a decision scenario where the player decides on the type of vehicles he wants to bring into the fight.  The scenario is set in September 1944.  The choice is between mostly common vehicles or a mix of common, uncommon, limited, rare & unique vehicles for September 1944.


The player is taken to the decision scenario where he can view the vehicle types.  Not necessarily the number of vehicles but generally one from each type. 


The player has a HQ unit on the map that he will use to make the decision.  For the more common TOE the HQ team enters the west (left) building.  For the mixed TOE the HQ team enters the east (right) building.  Cease fire is then selected.  


The vehicles on the west side of the map are mostly common for the time.


The vehicles on the east side of the map are a mix of vehicles just for the fun of playing with different vehicles. 


After the decision is made the HQ team is sent into the appropriate building and cease fire is hit.  


When the battle scenario begins the player will have his selected equipment on the map (some vehicles will show up as reinforcements). 


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The campaign/scenario currently has three recommended mods.  They have been tagged so will not show up in other scenarios. @benpark foliage helmets and @Fuser Aris Faces Mod CMRT.  Below are the links

Alarmeinheiten (Alarm unit) is an almost complete new scenario for CMRT.  It is actually a mini-campaign but with only one actual, three hour long, battle scenario.  The first scenario is a “choice” s

Probably a week or two after Fire & Rubble is released.  There are currently place holders for the partisans and an SS unit.   Also might want to add a few of the new vehicles that come with Fire

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Posted (edited)

As the battle scenario begins the Alarmeinheiten HQ team monitors the radios in the command track.  The sounds of combat can be heard from the east.  Which Battle Position (BP) will get hit with the main attack and require assistance of the Alarmeinheiten?  


There are four Avenues of Approach (AA) into 2nd Battalion’s Area of Operations (AO).  Each AA is defended by an under strength, infantry platoon holding a Battle Position (BP).  Each BP is only capable of repulsing weak attacks.  The BP’s primary task is to identify a main attack and sound the alarm.


1 - 1st Company CP.    2 - N/A.  3 - 3rd Company CP.  4 - 2nd Infantry Battalion CP. 

MISSION: Respond to alarms from the Battle Positions and prevent breakthroughs.  Experience has shown that the Soviets will reinforce success by sending additional units to exploit a breakthrough.  Partisans can be expected to support breakthroughs with additional attacks.  Partisans inhabit many of the villages behind our lines and are a constant threat.  A secondary mission is to clear villages and rid the AO of partisans.

If an AI unit reaches a certain phase line on an Avenue of Approach (AA) additional AI units will be triggered to attack on that AA. 

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1 minute ago, Boche said:

Are there multiple AI plans? I mean will each playthrough give a different AA for the enemy?

Yes, four AI plans and four Avenues of Approach.  So each AI plan will start the attack on a different AA.  Then some of the other AAs are also attacked but in a different order, depending on the plan.  The partisans will also cause problems behind German lines.  Different problems in different areas depending on the plan.  Some events are also triggered which adds more unpredictability to it.  

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The mini-campaign's battle scenario was created to encourage the use of C2 rules developed by @Bil Hardenberger and @IanL.  A link to the topic for Hard Cat rules is included at the bottom of this post.  The rules are not necessary but they can make the scenario a little more interesting for players that use them. 

The Alarm unit and SS unit have liaison officers located at the 2nd Bn. Command Post.  The officers in the battalion command post horizontally share spotting contacts with each other.  Information is also vertically shared within the three formations. 

HQ teams assigned to the 2nd Battalion CP


During testing I thought it was interesting to play in the following manner:  If a BP is getting overrun by Soviet tanks the Alarm unit can't respond until it has tentative Soviet contacts around that BP.  So basically units can't respond to OpFor units until they know there is something to respond to.  The information traveled vertically from the BP to the Company CP then to the Battalion CP.  Next the information traveled horizontally among the officers (HQ teams) at the Bn CP.  The information then traveled vertically to the Alarm unit and SS Unit.   


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for the past couple of months ive been trying to roleplay C2 as much as I can, craeting my CPs and liason points. I have to say I have noticed how info travells up and down the chain and my units seem to spot quicker and act better. Nice to see this concept in the mission!

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6 hours ago, Aquila-SmartWargames said:

Offtopic but as it is discussed here currently, some time ago I´ve came across the most "hardcore" complex ruleset document/ruleset I´ve seen so far with something like an Excel tool or spreadsheet. I wanted to take a look at it but forgot the name and can´t find the source anymore. Does somebody know where I can find this? 

Unless there was something I missed I believe you are thinking about my Command Friction rules and Google Sheets orders tracker.  That version never got a lot of traction due to the unfamiliarity with Excel like workbooks.

I seriously recommend you use the Hard-Cat rules instead (link in my sig), they are much easier to play... especially if you are going to try @MOS:96B2P's campaign then the Hard-Cat rules is what you want.


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You command an alarm unit and have been sent to assist 2nd Infantry Battalion which is under severe pressure and may collapse.  The 2nd Battalion’s Command Post (CP) and logistical structure is in and around the village of Kvass (Soviet 200 VP touch objective).  In the village is the Command Post, Supply section, aid station and 20mm Flak section. 


The battalion aid station contains approximately 11 walking wounded.  These troops are experienced soldiers, but their current state is unfit with poor morale.  In an emergency these troops can form an ad hoc unit under the aid station officer, Von Bones.  




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Posted (edited)

The 2nd Battalion’s Command Post (CP) and logistical structure is in and around the village of Kvass (Soviet 200 VP touch objective).  In the village is the Command Post, Supply section, aid station and 20mm Flak section.  The battalion supply section contains four ammo dumps including 106 x 81mm mortar rounds.  If needed the mortar ammunition can be acquired by mortar ammo bearers from 1st and 3rd Companies and transported back to the company mortar pits.    




Two mortar ammo bearer teams arrive from 1st Company to Acquire mortar ammo. 




This ammo bearer also made a stop at the Battalion aid station while he was in Kvass Village.  ;)


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