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Question on Old CD versions & Installing

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I found my old CDs and manuals of CMBB, AK and BO and thought I'd install them on my Laptop. The only problem is I don"t have a CD on most of my laptops. I managed to copy the CD's to a Flash drive and then onto the laptop however after installing it's asking for the CD which I forgot about this. Is there any way to get around this? Is there a way I can copy the file it's looking for onto my flash drive and have it look there instead of a CD? I'd appreciate it. I can supply photo's of the CD's and manuals if you need them or if there is another way to prove proof of purchase. I'd like to be able to play these again since there's so many missions, maps etc available now that I never new existed before.

Thank you,

Eric Bishop

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Are your CDs of the Battlefront distribution or are they the CDV or Paradox distributions ? For the Battlefront distribution you can create a 'virtual CD/DVD drive' with software like Daemon Tools Lite. This will create an image of the disc which should generally work for the Battlefront version. For the CDV and Paradox versions I'm not sure how well virtual drives will work since they are also using disc based copy protection (SafeDisc or something to that effect). 

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I'm pretty sure they're Bttlefront. I think I purchased them directly from BF but not sure since it was so long ago.  There are no other company names on the disk or the manuals except for Battlefront.com down at the bottom. I guess I can download the software and give it a try. Thank you for responding so quickly, I appreciate it. I hope this works. I'd love to try them out again. I'm now spoiled and used to CM2 level graphics so it'll be interesting to go back to the early days.

Thank you again,


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Another way is to buy or obtain a portable USB CD/DVD drive and use it to validate you’re install. Then, go onto the BF patch site, and patch the game to remove the need to have the disc in the drive. That’s how I did it with my Paradox versions. Be careful to not patch with the last windows patch though (I forget the name Vista or something) it screwed up my graphics some. I ran all three from Windows  95 through Windows 7 in Boot Camp on my Macs.

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