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CMRT Air Support

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I almost never see Air Assets in CMRT scenarios which might be tied to this not unproblematic air support system CMRT uses.

I recently played a mission with JU-87 being EN ROUTE PREPARING right from the beginning. Even after an hour there was no sight of them. So the appearance is completely randomized over the complete mission time? They could basically show up with the mission timer having one minute left?

I always had the impression that mission designers set areas for them while designing but now understand that they completely independent roam the battlefield. How in detail is the friendly fire danger? Is it tied to how enemy target rich the environment is? In a testing scenario I just placed some Opel Blitz and several German air elements and the first aircraft element that appeared after a minute or so immediately attacked the friendly Opel trucks. There were no enemy units present on the map. When air support is scheduled is it perhaps a good idea to wait and let them handle a target-rich environment to prevent that the air force pilots arrive don´t find enemy units, and thus instead start attacking friendly forces?

As concealed units under foliage might be harder to identify correctly as friendly is concealing my units from my own airforce making it worse or better 😂

Besides this it would be definitely great if this system sees change or improvement in the upcoming expansion.

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