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15 hours ago, lsailer said:

I know that engineers can clear mines.  But are they better at spotting them.  For example, if an infantry squad and an engineer squad Move or even Quick into a mined action spot, does the engineer see them first?

Yes, they are much better at spotting mines, and are also much less susceptible to actually stepping on them too. In fact, you should avoid any suspected minefields unless you have actual engineers along. Don't let your grunts anywhere near those complicated mechanical devices. They'll just hurt themselves.

My preferred method is to use short Move commands into an action spot close to the suspected minefield, then move 1 spot at a time with a ten second pause at each spot. Once you've located a minefield, immediately order halt, then Mark Mines. While your guys are marking the mines, they will often spot any minefields in neighboring squares, allowing you to keep marking mines.

Just remember, a mine can't hurt you if you are nowhere near it. Only clear minefields if you absolutely have to.

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