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Ukr T64 Thermals?

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1 hour ago, Attilaforfun said:

Do the cheap T64s not have thermal sights? 

Of course, no ) Commander has TKN-3V observation device, which in night conditions can detect "tank" type targets up to 300-400 m. Gunner has TPN1-49-23 with EOP 1st gen., which in active mode can detect "tank" target up to 1000 m and about 500 m in passive mode

1 hour ago, IMHO said:

will correct me but even T-64BM Bulat don't have them IRL.

Yes. Though BM Bulat got upraded EOP 2+ gen. Commander has PNK-4CR observation device with 800 m night detection and gunner has the sight TO1-KO1-ER "Buran-E" with 1400 m night detection.

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10 minutes ago, Attilaforfun said:

I would have thought the one sided tank fights at night in '91 would have caused a global reassessment of night optics. That was 30 years ago...

That's the result of a choice made in Soviet Union in 70-s - to go for optoelectronics rather than I2. So when the superiority of thermals became obvious it was too late. And developing thermals require base technologies - something that even Russia is hardly able to develop save Ukraine with much lower budgets.

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Initially BM Bulat was planned with thermal sight PTT-2 (2nd gen. matrix), but because of thermals is more apropriate for real warfare and in that time in Ukraine nobody didn't take in serious that any real war will be possible, for economy reason PTT-2 was rejected. Though, construction allows to mount it if need.

PTT-2 is presernt on BM Oplot 

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