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Adjusting quick battle points?

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Is there a way to adjust the amount of points you get in a QB?    For meeting engagements in FB for example you get an average of around 7100 - 7300 points. If you want to play around with some of the more powerful formations like with the Tiger or Panzer batallions you need over double or triple that amount of points.

Is there a way to get around the amount of points or is that hard coded and not changeable?

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This is a headache. If it's not possible to type in points, maybe this could work:

Attacker has infinity points. When their purchase is completed, defender gets allotted points according to a ratio set by the scenario type.

e.g Attacker ends up spending 14000 points, defender then gets 7000 in attack, 14000 in meeting engagement etc.


Just now, DougPhresh said:

In a QB context there is no consistency across titles. Even in WW2 titles, sometimes Huge gives enough for a tank battalion, sometimes only enough for a tank company.

It would be nice to have consistency where say Huge = Battalion+, Large = Battalion-, Medium = Company+, Small = Company, Tiny = Platoon

Where battalion refers to a battalion of any arm, of any nation. If I set Huge, I should be able to take an infantry, mech, or armored battalion plus supporting elements.


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