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My new map Château de Cayx

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 I would like to present my new map Château de Cayx. It's a huge map with that of tactical options, right now it is set up for a meeting engagement but can easily be converted to attack defend.
The map is well suited for huge engagements with a lot of objectives.
if you play the map I really appreciate feedback, perhaps posting a couple of screenshots in the thread below. I'm still keen on improving where I can image.gif.0ac9332d5dd7274307c5d4a4f9842f5d.gif

Hope you enjoy.

General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, VC, KCB, DSO.


Edited by General Sir Anthony C H M
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1 hour ago, Aragorn2002 said:

Sounds interesting. I read Château de Cayx is now the residence of the Danish Royal family in France? Did anyone already tried this link? Always a bit cautious when I'm the first. 🙂

Yes, it belongs to our queen Margrethe. Her husband prince Enrique/Henrik, who died two years ago, was french. So the royal family has spent many holidays there.

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On 2/3/2020 at 12:09 PM, Erwin said:

Ok thanks. 

BTW:  I noticed that some of the CM2 titles have a MASTER MAP folder and others do not.  Anyone know if all CM2 titles can have a MASTER MAP folder, but there are simply no "master maps" for some of the titles?

Just a matter of timing. I actually have additional folders for maps I mess with a lot so yes you can create one, but the CMBN installer won’t put any there even though it had the first ones (Pete’s wonderful map for MG for example)  

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