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Need help with Honor 01


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It is the one with all Strykers on the US side.  I have tried every crappy trick I know left side, middle, right side... all nothing, precision missions are maybe 1/3rd effective it seems which means Javelins which is dicey as they usually don't live long to use them.  As for the Strykers, everything can kill them so not much help. 

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Tough one for the Blue force.  I crossed the ford on the left but was routed by a counterattack of three Russian tanks.  They got into my rear and were foxes in the hen house, destroying several on my Strykers.  Through Javelins, precision artillery, and the helicopter, I was able to eliminate them. 

I was able to cross the ford on the right and proceeded to Objective Alpha, thinking that I had eliminated most of the Russian forces.  It turned out that they had plenty of healthy infantry left and I was unable to get a foothold on the objective. 

I suffered a tactical defeat, which didn't surprise me given the number of Russians left on the map at the end.  I destroyed about 30 tanks and BMPs and had almost no ammo left.  Infantry alone could not be expected to win at that point.  As I said, it's a tough scenario.

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