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Upgrading to Windows 10?

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Same, I've been on Win10 for a long time now - no issues. I have had graphics driver updates cause issues but even that has been rare and fixed quickly.

If you are updating an existing machine it is possible that the CM DRM will be displeased and you will need to reactivate your purchases with your keys. I don't know how high the likely hood of that is though.

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About 100% based on my experiences with patching up my old machine prior to buying the new one (swapping out the GPU triggered it accross the board).....However I suspect that experiences will vary once again.

PS - I would say that CM:A seems to be more prone to 'Out of Memory' errors than it was under Win7, but that could be down to what I've been running, rather than an innate issue with the game.....However @IanL has recently confirmed that the game is not LAA so can access only 2gb of RAM.  I'm wondering about CM:SF1 now?

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